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Shenzhen Jindi Meilong Town-Fourth Phase

设计/竣工 2008年/2014年

用地面积 27 900平方米

建筑面积 156 056平方米

设计内容 规划 建筑 景观

项目性质 高层住宅 别墅 商业



The Project is the last piece of land in Meilong Town community. The triangle land has irregular differences in the natural ground height. Buildings are designed as high-rise board buildings A and B. The overall appearance is like the aurora borealis in the lightening shape, making the surrounding space flexible. In the southeast lies a kindergarten that follows the board building structure. In the north resides the main entrance. The entrance square combined with commerce lies between buildings A and B, presenting a strong publicity. In this way, vertical space is constructed. The westernmost sharp angle is designed for landscape continuation of the previous three phases. The aerial greening layer combines with municipal pedestrian bridges crossing streets to integrate the third and fourth phases. All the community resources are shared to provide the pacers, strollers and sporters with comfortable, safe, quiet, and beautiful environment and places.

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