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Core Area of Jiangdong ,Ningbo

设计/竣工 2011年/-
用地面积 94 100平方米
建筑面积 442 160平方米
容 积 率 4.7
设计内容 建筑
项目性质 城市综合体
委 托 方 中化方兴北京凯晨置业有限公司
The Core Area of Jiangdong Ningbo is an integrated commercial zone in the core area of Jiangdong District, Ningbo. It will become the CBD (Central Business District) of Ningbo and provide a sustainable ecological urban area for corporate headquarters, cultural inheritance, tourism & leisure, shopping & entertainment and public life. At the same time, it also introduces a new theory in terms of infrastructure, low carbon technology and new energy. It will be a model city in future, and will definitely give Ningbo City a brand-new look after its completion.
The landmark building folds inward at the axis in the air and its upper part supported by a batter post looks like a set sail, making the building a giant ship sailing in the sea. It is brave and persistent, advancing the economy and culture of Ningbo and leading Ningbo to enter a new era.

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